Monday, August 31, 2009

2 Million Minutes

I had an opportunity to meet Bob Compton this weekend. Bob is the founder of 2 Million Minutes. 2MM is an organization that compares education in the US to India and China. We watched a few of his documentaries. Very interesting.

2 Million Minutes.

Do you think that the United States offers the best education in the world?


"Seek to understand before you are understood"
Stephen Covey - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do you love the bride?

Thank you Rachel for giving me the book Why we love the church:In praise of institutions and organized religion. I enjoyed reading a book that spoke positively of God's design for Christian community.

It seems that so many today are speaking and writing critical things about the Bride of Christ. Some are suggesting leaving church all together. I'll admit, the church is not perfect. Yours may seem worse than others. But it is designed by God to bring Him glory. So I love it. I work hard to help others build a positive representation of the church in a local context.

Many run to conferences, camps, special groups, etc. to find what they should look for in the church. Others start organizations, clubs, special groups to do what they should be doing as a church. But God has only promised success to His "church". (Matthew 16:18)

Let's continue to be the church and build His church!

Do you feel that the church is an effective means of bringing God glory?

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I returned to Chicago last night after being gone for about ten days. First thing this morning, I met with a good friend to catch up on our church, our community, and our lives.

I feel blessed to have friends in my life to share life with. Thanks Deshaun.

What importance to friendships have for you?


Kiva is an organization that partners to allow people from all over the world to lend small amounts of money to potential entreprenuers across the globe. It partners people and empowers people to work instead of just giving to charity. I love it.

The idea is that the borrower will actually pay back the loan and the money can be lent out again to another person.

Do you have any unique ideas to empower people rather than just giving money to charity?

Helping Africa

This is a company that I learned about at the Leadership Summit. Good African Coffee. They believe that the key to supporting Africa is not aid. They believe that economic empowerment through trade will lift Africa economically.

Do you think that aid can be detrimental to the long term growth of people or nations?


The last month has been a whirlwind of different events.

July 30 - Aug. 1, I was involved in the Legacy Disciplemaking Conference at Moody Bible Institute.
August 6 and 7, I was at Willow Creek Community Church for the annual Leadership Summit.
August 9-14, I was a camp counselor at Urban Camp at Camp Timberlee.

So many things have happened in these weeks. I was blessed to spend the last few days with my wife and kids. We went on a canoe trip, went to a huge flea market, played Putt-Putt, played games, and made memories. I love family time.

I am looking forward to sorting out my thoughts from the last few weeks and getting back to a routine.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Heard this quote today at the Leadership Summit at Willow Creek: "Good leadership is making change seem more exciting than standing pat."

I like that, but it can be challenging to accomplish.

What are ideas that people have about making change more exciting?

Monday, August 3, 2009

52 Zoos in 52 weeks

This video is of friends of ours Gabe and Marla Taviano from Columbus, OH. The just finished visiting 52 Zoos in a year. What a creative plan to spend time together as a family.

Look for Marla's book coming out about this family adventure.

You can find out more at

I hope this encourages you to be creative about spending time and making lasting memories with your family.