Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama tells the truth - UNFORTUNATELY

This week, President Obama kept one of his campaign promises. His administration struck down a rule that banned our tax dollars going to agency that support abortion. Now your tax dollars can (and will) be sent to others countries to help support abortion.

This is a part of Obama's public policy that upset me during the campaign and now he has proven to be a man of his word and followed through on his promises to promote an agenda that allows (and promotes) more abortions.

One thing that frustrates me about it is the lack of logic used to promote it. Obama said this is a "political wedge issue," adding that he had "no desire to continue this stale and fruitless debate." It is treated as if everyone must see it his way or else. Differing opinions than his are just for politics and fruitless.

President Obama presents himself as someone who listens to all and seeks to help people respect differing opinions. But when it comes to abortion, there is no room for debate with him. We all need to quit debating and see it his way.

If it wasn't a matter of life and death for so many innocent people, it might be simply ironic to see his completely different character on this issue.

I personally view abortion as not only murder, but also as a fundamental issue of justice. Justice for those with no voice who are being killed. The injustice that blacks in America are disproportionately targeted for abortions.

Heaven helps us to repent of our continued sins of injustice as a nation.

What are your feelings about Obama's stance on abortion?

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Jesse Curtis said...

kevin, i agree completely. we both had about the same reaction to this!