Thursday, March 12, 2009

Urban Churches

I get excited about urban churches that have a special focus on evangelism to the younger generation. I know of two such churches that are in the early stages. Epiphany Fellowship in Philly is a few years old and has established a solid foundation for the future. Blueprint Church in Atlanta is just getting started, but has a committed core and the type of leadership to make a difference.

If you have any interest in churches reaching out to make disciples for Christ from the "hip hop generation", then these churches should be an encouragement to you.

Grace and peace to the brothers and sisters in Philly and ATL keeping real for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

What churches are an encouragement to you?


John Jordan said...

I was pointed your way by staff at New Life. I live in a town outside of Pittsburgh PA - Aliquippa. It's an old steel town that was ravaged by the loss of the steel industry in the early 80s. I have a friend who began a non-profit about 5 years ago working with kids during the summer through camps and throughout the year with mentoring. We are looking to make the next step into planting churches. We want some type of organic multiplying church model. I asked New Life what their experience was with small house style groups and they pointed out they were tough because of people wanting to feel safe. They pointed me to third places. Well, we've already discussed this as a church planting team and our town is almost void of those types of places. Our town is very stagnant and run down. People stay at home a lot and do not frequent the few third place options that they have. We thought house churches might work because there has already been so much ground tilled in our community, by the non-profit, and there has been trust built through that program. So what is your opinion about trying to start house churches in this environment? Is it wise, or have you guys seen some other things that really work?

KG said...

We have found the house church/home group model to be quite effective for us. We love it and our people seem to love it and it allows us to move forward with limited resources. I believe in all kinds of churches and think that it is best to do what seems best in your context.
I personally think that it could work with what you have described.
So much of church depends on what you make of it anyway. It is also true that you can be doing everything right, but if God does not work then nothing will happen. So prayer is a key no matter what church looks like in your setting.

Some resources that I would suggest related to your thoughts are:
"Organic Church" by Neil Cole
"Total Church" by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis - good blog with some good insight on church. From Tim's blog you can link to their church network in England called the "Crowded House". Crowded House's site also has some good resources.

That is my 2 cents. I obviously have lots more thoughts, but that is a start.

John Jordan said...

Thanks so much Kevin. I really think the house church set up could work in our context. I've read Organic Church but not Total Church. I looked today at Tim Chester's blog and it got me really excited. It was great stuff.