Monday, September 28, 2009

Developing leaders

Lois Lebar states that in the typical church "We train our church people to be professional listeners rather than leaders".

Obviously training leaders will require instruction, but to truly develop people you will need to allow them a great deal of time to talk. People need to know that they can have a say in God's work through His church. They will not develop as leaders until they know that they are being heard. They will just be good listeners.

How much do you get to say at your church? How much of the time do you just sit and listen? Do you feel that you are developing as a spiritual leader?


Brokenpoet said...

Well I believe the Church I am involved in is great on discussion and giving time to share. We do become great listeners but we are stepping up to be heard. And in order to lead, that means someone has already heard you!

KG said...

So glad that you are such an active part of our church. Keep blooming where God has planted you.