Monday, November 2, 2009

Seeing Christ in Unexpected Places


Eric said...


Were you at CCDA?? I wonder because I saw this video there. If yes, did you have any highlights and if no...what was the best part of your weekend away from Cincy?

Eric Runyan

KG said...

No, decided not to go this year. Time, $, and some frustrations with who they choose to speak.

My highlight was that I spent time with Lisa and the kids that weekend.

How was it for you? What was your highlight?

Eric said...

You mean the plenary talks?? For me, Friday night hearing Bart Campolo was a highlight. He spoke about just being a neighbor and the messiness that incurs and spirit lead life that is necessary.

Also spending time with Emily, Bill and Katie away (from Chicago and kids) talking, dreaming, debating, praying was another highlight.

Time with wife and kids...nice job.