Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome to our home

How often do you welcome people into your home?

I believe that the idea of hospitality is often missed by today's church. Obviously, I am a strong believer in the significance of hospitality. That is part of why we host church in our home. I believe that welcoming people into your home can communicate so much about love, relationship, acceptance, etc. It is an evidence of Christian love. It is a valuable tool for reaching the lost. It is a loving way to care for the distressed. It is a powerful place for Christian discipleship to take place. It is a prerequisite for leadership.

So here are some tips that I would give to help you to be a good host as you seek to show hospitality:

• Be friendly (sounds obvious, but it's not)
• Invite someone into the house
• Ask people questions, make them feel welcome
• Take peoples coat
• Offer glass of water, food
• Offer a seat (the best seat)
• Be ready for people to arrive, be in the room
• Porch light on or entry light
• Straighten up, maybe light a candles
• Turn on the lights
• Introduce people if they don't know each other
• Don’t have too many rules (don’t touch, etc.)
• Be willing to love people more than your stuff (things will get broken, dirty, lost, stolen)
• Don’t expect appreciation
• Don’t expect help cleaning

I think that to be hospitable it takes intentionality. Many people think it is a good thing, few practice it regularly. So plan to invite someone to your home this month or even this week.

Does anyone else have any tips about being a good host? What are barriers to being hospitable?

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hammerdad said...

Kevin, interesting post. . . I'd add to it: invite strangers. I read a book a few years ago (the name presently escapes me) that argued that the NT concept of Hospitality is opening our homes to strangers, whereas opening our homes to friends is fellowship.

Both kinds of hosting will be much improved and potentially better enjoyed with your list!