Wednesday, June 24, 2009

While we are talking politics...

In the car last night, I heard Sean Hannity on the radio. Very disappointing.

The words that came to mind as I listened to him:
Know it all
Doesn't listen

Those are just a few. The sad thing is that I agree with some of the positions that he holds, but I would never want to identify myself with him. Why do Republican talking heads have to brand themselves as such elitists who disrespect and demean anyone who doesn't agree with everything that they say? Think Hannity, Limbaugh, and the like. They call themselves "great Americans", but I would say that this attitude represents everything wrong with America.

Can we get a humble Republican?
Can we get a Republican who doesn't know it all?


Sean, Mandy, Mack and Levi said...

Don't know the answer but this is exactly our struggle.....everything you listed...

Again, don't have the answer but as Sean and my dad say - there are no level headed intelligent conservative thinkers anymore - they are only arrogant, argumentative, my way or the highway Republicans....

KG said...

I don't understand why this has become the norm.

I also don't understand why so many Republicans accept and even support these people.

Jesse Curtis said...

Let's face it, this is really the core of the Republican Party. Rush Limbaugh has over 20 million listeners a week and regularly says astonishingly ignorant things. But you know, we wouldn't understand, because we don't live in Sara Palin's "real America."
We aren't big government zealots by any means, but no matter how appealing some Republican ideas may be in theory, I think it's becoming very difficult for thoughtful Christians to identify with the Republican Party right now.

KG said...

Sad, but so true. To be Christian is to be Republican is one and the same in so many people's mind.

And yet, the arrogant and self serving attitudes of the Republican party are so opposite of the call of Christ.

I guess this is why I place so little hope in politics to bring real change to society.

JP Paulus said...

Random thoughts, from over a couple year sof thinking over it:

The Republican Party is just as sinful as the Democratic Party; it just has different sins. Unfortunately , many Christians practically worship the Party as many fans do with Michael Jackson (that’s a whole new blog post, I am sure).

Christians working with Democrats I think are more aware of the sins that party condones, and work around them. Christian Republicans are blind to the fact that there are others who are sinners.

The non-Christians in the Republican party even despise Christians. Look at what David Kuo, the former Christian deputy director of the Faith Based Initiatives office said in his book Tempting Faith.

And the past few sex scandals…mostly Republican, right?

I would like to see a Christian voting scorecard scorecard (I didn’t accidentally type that twice!) : there are so-called Christian voting guides that basically slant to mostly Republican candidates. Of those who scored the highest, I would be interested to see how many then failed badly in their standards. I.e. How many who scored 100% were then caught in adultery or some other sin?

There ARE Christians within the party…I think Mike Huckabee is a good example. Locally, in terms of voters, I am VERY interested in what Steve Laughlin would say. Steve posted on something like this, and it is well reasoned.

Instead of blaming Democrats or poo-pooing their ideas…theRepublicans ought to spotlight charities which “prove” we don’t need extra government programs (such as CCDA), and rally the Republicans, and even moderates, to support such causes…to show the world that private entities are better able to solve crises than the government.

If I had the opportunity to appear on Hannity or Limbaugh, I would push 2 things: 1) Make then share their Christian testimony, and 2) Make them read Scripture.
They might make excuses such as “my religion is private” or “I can’t put up scripture because this is a secular show”

If that were the case, we could let the Christian community know, through those same kind of e-mail fear blasts: “Rush Limbaugh denies Christ as his Savior” or “Sean Hannity bans the Bible from his show”…and maybe THEN Christians would think about who they associate with, or what sins they let slide.

I don’t mind if Christians listen to & like non-Christian Conservative media. But those non-Christian Conservatives should make their non-belief clear, so Christians can make a clear decision (rather than a lazy one) to listen.

As for the racism…it’s the arrogant ones who have control of the “pulpit” and media attention…so they drown out any good that is within the party. They "good" should have stood up for Michael Steele, not Rush Limbaugh. That was the point of Leonard Pitts article: the good in the Republican party needs to stand up to this sin!