Monday, December 14, 2009

David Warren

Another person in my life who has been a tremendous influence is David Warren. Dr. Warren was a professor of mine at Cedarville College. He stood out to me. One thing I noticed was his ability to answer almost all questions with verses from the Bible that applied to the situation. During my junior year, I asked him to take time to disciple me. He agreed. He said that to him that meant that we could get together once a week and grab a Coke and talk. That was what I had in mind.

Over the next two years of school, I came to treasure this hour each week. At the time, Dr. Warren was the only faculty in the Bible department that did not have his Ph.D. He lacked the academic credentials that often mark a person with knowledge, but he was(is)a man of great wisdom.

We would talk about theology. We would talk about life. We would talk about relationships. Mostly, I would asked questions and then listen.

When Lisa and I married, we asked Dr. Warren to speak at our wedding. We rarely keep in contact any more, but as I consider people who lead me today I still think of David Warren.

Much of who I am and seek to be as a leader comes from things that I learned and admired about Dr. Warren. I desire to be a person of sound practical wisdom. I desire to be a person who is willing to sit and discuss life with people. I desire to know the scriptures and use them to impact real life. I desire to make an impact on people that lasts beyond the time and proximity of our earthly relationship.

Dr. David Warren is a leader and he has marked my life. Thank you David Warren for taking time with a young college student who was seeking wisdom.


Jingle said...

I'm a Pastor of a church and keep a private prayer blog where I pour out my heart to God. I preached a sermon yesterday on seeking first the Kingdom, and I was pretty strong with the challenge. Off the back of the sermon I was praying for my friend Warren and some of the stuff he's going through. When I'd finished the blog/prayer, I couldn't get off the page for some reason, so I ended up clicking "next blog" and it took me straight to this post. The coincidences: "seek first the Kingdom" and all the stuff about Warren, really struck me. When I read how you honoured your friend and mentor, I recognised the voice of God.

I shared your post with my friend, because he is just like your Dr. Warren and he said he felt vindicated! He is a man of honour, a generous friend and a wise counsellor; but in his troubles, he's felt like Job's counsellors have been quickest to advise him.

Anyway: thanks for your post. Your seed of gratitude has borne fruit in another Dr. Warren.

KG said...

God is good. So amazing how He uses others to encourage us to faithfully follow Him. Keep running the race.