Monday, May 5, 2008


My water heater quit working yesterday. I realized before bed and stayed up trying to figure some things out. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well. In the morning, I asked my neighbor, Bill Curry, to come and look at it and give me advice on the next step before I called a serviceman. Bill had helped me replace a water heater before so I knew that he had some experience.

The short of the story is that 30 minutes later I was thanking Bill for fixing my water heater. No service man coming to the house. No paying a bill that I couldn't afford. Just a thank you for a neighbor with a little bit of knowledge. God is so good.

It takes time to get to know your neighbors. It takes time to be a good neighbor. But it sure is a blessing. Let's do our part to build community.

Any good stories of community at work? Any one else value your neighbors? I know I do.


kimorelock said...

That's great Kevin!!

I have so many stories of neighbors helping us out. The very same Bill helping Chris bring our refrigerator into our house when we first moved in. Our next door neighbor, Randy, driving Chris to a repair shop in his pickup truck to get a rototiller fixed a few years back. Your lovely wife watching my toddler this week.

I very much appreciate my neighbors!

KG said...

It is good to have neighbors. I just got home from helping Bill carry some flooring up to his third floor. It is good to be able to help those who help you.

Last year when my basement was flooding, three of my neighbors next door saw me bailing water from the window and came out to help. Then they found another guy who lived down the street who I had never met to help too. So many of my relationships with neighbors have come from them helping me or me helping them.