Friday, May 9, 2008

Love God = Love people

I had a friend suggest to me yesterday that your love for other people is a direct reflection of your love for God. Interesting thought.

What do you think? Can someone really love God, but not be interested in loving people?


thowald said...

I believe this is a legitimate statement. I believe that is why Jesus said that the second commandment is like the first. if we love God then his love will be lived out in us as we love others.

In fact, I John 3 teaches us that if we do not love our brother thaen we abide in death. So, if we do not love our brother we are not just not loving God but we have yet to know Him.

Steve said...

To answer your question:

Not if the Bible is true.

In fact, truly loving God solves a host of problems!

KG said...

Thanks Tim and Steve.
This idea can be quite convicting when we don't "feel" love for people. It can be a reflection of our true love for God. Really loving God should always lead to a love of people.