Sunday, June 29, 2008

Be a leader who is likeable

"People don't follow people they don't like"

I got this quote from this blog post. It is an excellent post on the fact that much of what makes a leader effective is their EQ (emotional quotient). It states "Good social skills are woefully lacking in many a leader and interpersonal interactions are half of our jobs as leaders".

I think that there are many who have the knowledge and skills to lead, but are unwilling to work at relating to people and so their influence is diminished. Knowing people is a huge part of leading.

Can a person be a good leader without being somewhat likable?
How can a leader become more likable without compromising their convictions?


Steve said...

We need to be likable - and loved. When we are really concerned about people and love them biblically and make sacrifices for them, we tend to win their hearts. Love is the true universal language.

That's not to say that we'll always be popular, though. I've discovered, somewhat painfully, that I will be called upon frequently to make unpopular decisions if I am to lead effectively and righteously.

KG said...

So true Steve. People will not always like our decisions or convictions if we are willing to live by our convictions.

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