Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This topic alone makes many of us interested. Most of us like to eat.

Have you ever wondered what God thinks about food? What is it's purpose? Why does it exist? Some things are obvious, but not all.

To survive
To give us energy
For nutrition?
To enjoy?
To foster relationships?
To share?

For many in the world, food is only for survival. People hope to get just enough to keep them alive. Should this fact affect how we perceive food?
Is it wrong to enjoy eating food that we like?
When does food become an idol?

We know that gluttony is a sin. Do you know what gluttony is? When does eating become gluttony? Is our thinking about food more defined by our culture or by God? Where does God talk about food and what does He say?

Any thoughts?

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Kindra said...

The biblical food reference that comes to my mind is talking about the wedding feast. Clearly it's not wrong to enjoy eating food that we like! Though I think there's a difference between mindlessly stuffing cheetoes in your pie hole while watching TV and eating and enjoying a well-prepared meal.

I think that it is a tragedy that our plenty in this country is so great that we're dying because of it. Our government pays farmers to not grow crops because it would drive prices down, when others in the world are starving.