Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is Jay Cutler the answer?

For the first time in my lifetime, the Bears have a legitimate Pro Bowl quarterback. The QB position has always been an issue for the Bears. Even with the Bears great defense and the up and coming Matt Forte, I still wonder whether getting a good quarterback is all the Bears need. I am wondering: who will he throw the ball too and who will block for him? These are still concerns.

Do you think that signing Jay Cutler makes the Bears a legitimate Super Bowl contender?


Dave said...

No! They still don't have an offense. Besides, this is the Lions comeback year. Daunte Culpepper is in the best shape of his life and he has Calvin Johnson to throw to.

KG said...

Wow, Dave you are loyal and hopeful. You sound like a Cubs fan. Deep down I sure you know the Lions will never be winners, but you still want to sound hopeful.