Friday, May 15, 2009


Did you see the movie Slumdog Millionaire? Many people did. The movie received eight Oscars and grossed over $326 million. You would think that everyone involved in this project is doing pretty well financially.

It is all of over the news this morning that one of the child stars of the movie lost his home today. Not his big home in Hollywood. His shanty in the slums.

You mean to tell me that a child who starred in a movie that grossed hundreds of millions of dollars did not receive enough money to help his family buy a home. It is unbelievable that this young boy was still living in the slums.

This is a terrible picture of the exploitation and injustice that is all to common in our world.

Hollywood gets rich on the backs of poor people and doesn't even care enough to help them out of poverty. This sounds much like the Walton family and what they have done through their Walmart empire.

God help us to love our neighbor.

What are your reactions to the story about this young boy?


Gabe Taviano said...

And people think America is concerned with other countries, lol. A few individuals and 501c3 organizations might be, but not the country as a whole. Thanks for sharing!

JP Paulus said...

i too think it's, i can understand trying to be careful with the money, as the parents themselves might exploit their own children's success as well.

But Danny Boyle certainly could at the very least higher a social worker to live and minister to those families (plus others as needed).

He could have also helped connect the parents with a decent job and a modest-but-nice-home outside of the slums.

Or raise some money for a nonprofit organization to minister to that community,especially those particular families.

Hmmm..any update yet? Any social pressure, or is this story blowing over?

P.S. not a fan of the Wal-MArt, just West of your neighborhood ;)