Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Next Evangelicalism

I dare you to read this book! It attacks many sacred cows and challenges us to rethink what is going on in the church in America.

I am not yet finished with Soong-Chan Rah's book "The Next Evangelicalism", but to this point it has been engaging, convicting, enlightening, confusing, and many other things. This book is prophetic and bold. It is a needed voice to the evangelical world which often ignores some of its most powerful and needed voices.

Rah confronts the false gods of materialism and consumersism, racism, white privilege and the pride that goes with it, and offers a starting point to understanding a more wholistic theology.

The Next Evangelicalism is a must read for anyone serious about growing God's kingdom effectively in the years to come. So get it. Read it. Talk about it. Learn from it.

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Jesse Curtis said...

Yep, this book should get a wide hearing. I didn't feel that it said anything particularly earth shattering to those who have been thinking along these lines already, but I think many Evangelicals would find it very difficult to read this book with an open mind. We all need to hear it, but those who need it most are the least likely to read it.