Saturday, August 2, 2008

AC Green

AC Green speaking with our group
The kids watching him
AC giving my son Joshua an autograph

3BA action
I got to meet AC Green today. I had long admired him as an outspoken person about his faith. His book "Victory" was encouraging to me as a young man as well. Today he took time to tour Breakthrough Urban Ministries and our neighborhood. He showed up at my kids t-ball game and met the kids.
In the short time that I saw him there and at the game tonight, I was impressed with his genuine interest in people. I noticed him remembering and using peoples names. He was meeting loooooots of people and then calling them all by name when he would move on. He also was in no hurry. It is as if he knows that his fame can be used as a platform of influence for good and so he takes seriously his responsibility to do that. If leadership is influence, then AC is a great leader.
Thank you AC for showing the love of Jesus to our community today.
Has anyone ever met someone who had great influence and used it well to promote the kingdom?

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