Thursday, August 14, 2008

People need people

One of the reason's that I started PURSUE is to offer a network to young people. Many ambitious Christian young people in the city desire to pursue dreams, but they lack the network of support that can help them succeed. I have seen this first hand.

Keri Wyatt Kent, who I have never met, is a Christian author. We have many mutual friends including Arloa Sutter, the executive director of Breakthrough Urban Ministries where my wife works. Keri was indirectly a part of my network. Arloa suggested she contact me this week regarding a young person she knew who need assistance getting to college to pursue his dreams.

This young man, Lawrice, has worked hard, prepared himself, and is on his way. He lacked a network and reached out to Keri. Read her story about this here.

Take time to read her story and if God is leading you, I would ask you to consider helping Lawrice as well and contact Keri about how you can do that. My hope is that Keri's network and my network can become a network of support to Lawrice.

How have you seen knowing people and having relationships help you to succeed?

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