Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to school

Justin, Marcus, & Lamar
Touring the campus
Climbing a mountain
I get excited about young people going to college. I am especially encouraged by young people who have faced many obstacles and lack many educational opportunities, but still pursue a college education. That is a big part of why I started PURSUE.
I just got back from taking on of the students from our church back to Liberty University to start his sophomore year. His commitment to his education is an encouragement to me. Two of our teenagers rode with me for the long ride (12 hours each way). It was a great time to fellowship and also to talk with them about their academic future.
I thank God for the young people who are a part of our church family. They encourage and inspire me. They remind me that the church has a great future.
Does anyone else see reason to hope in the future of the church?

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