Thursday, July 3, 2008

Can I have some change?

Have you ever had someone who appeared to be homeless or desperate ask you for money? Maybe you were at a stop sign, coming out of a store, or walking on the sidewalk. If you live in a city like Chicago, then you know this is an everyday occurrence.
What is your response? Do you lie? ("I have no money") Do you ignore them? Do you engage them in conversation? Do you give something to get rid of them? Do you give because you care?
What do you think is the right thing to do in these situations? What should your response be as a follower of Christ?


david rudd said...

Option One: Buy them what they need if it is readily available and time permits (ie. food, drink, clothing)

Option Two: Give them all my change

Option Three: Give them $5 cash or the lowest denomination I have.

In all Cases: Bless them, Pray with them, and pray for them.

kimorelock said...

I've been approached more times than I can count in my 8+ years here. I normally try to give them some food -- I bought a box of those cheese & peanut butter crackers and kept a few in my glove compartment and gave them to people who asked for money. However, not everyone takes it. Most do, but not everyone. I had a situation where I was coming out of a grocery store and a man who just got out of prison asked me for money for food, but I offered him some food instead and he declined. In such cases, I'm glad I didn't give him money!

I admittedly feel very uncomfortable in these situations, even after 8+ years of being in the city.

KG said...

Some great suggestions. I think having something readily available in your car is a great idea. I have done that in the past although, I don't have anything in my car right now.
I like the idea of just caring. I know sometimes that I am in a hurry or have been asked to many times in a row and I just don't want to even care about the person.

Anyone else ever feel like they just don't care?

jesse curtis said...

Hey Kevin, (hand raised for I don't care). I don't know what THE right thing to do is, but what has bothered me is that there have been times when I completely blow people off, and then I think, okay, I'm a Christian, but that fact didn't affect that interaction at all. And I feel like, even if I'm not able at the time to give money or food, the fact that I'm a believer should affect that interaction.