Saturday, September 27, 2008

A brother jogging


Aaron said...

That dude is brilliant man! I seen him in a couple of other venues as well.

It is great to use comedy to share stories and realities in this world. The only sad thing is that after the laughter it is often left on the shelf and not taken seriously.

What he is making a joke about is a very serious thing in our country, and to some extent around the world... The fear of black men is awful in this country. Especially since white folks have a far greater chance to be hurt by some that looks like them than a black man. Black on white crime is not that frequent in this country... matter of fact it is almost non existent according to the recent statistics I have read.

Comedy plus discussion would be a great thing! What do you think KG?


KG said...

Excellent, excellent point!

I like comedy because it can be used to bring out issues of concern in a non threatening way. But if there is no action, then the comedy only entertained us.

The only reason this routine is funny is if you ackowledge the fact that many people are scared of black males. If you don't ackowledge that, then there is no humor here. So the fact that many laugh, means that they agree that this fact is true.

The tragedy that you bring up is the reality that he is bringing up through this stand up act.

So why are so many people agreed of black males?

Where does this fear come from?

What can we do as Christians to change this mindset?

Aaron said...

Awesome! You said...

"But if there is no action, then the comedy only entertained us."

Perfect! Your a regular word smith!

To answer your questions...

1 & 2... TV and media I believe.

3... The answer that you and I always come back to... Encourage folks to kick it with people that dont look like them. Across the board not just whites with blacks but blacks with whites, latino's with blacks, etc.

Great discussion man!