Wednesday, September 3, 2008

God is in control

Last night, some men from our church spent time discussing Romans 9 and the fact that God is in control. The sovereignty of God is comforting, but sometimes the situations of life still seem overwhelming. Here are some examples of circumstances that Christians in our community have faced or are facing:

  • Preparing for college when most in your high school will drop out before graduation.
  • Your brother steals your identity leaving you in debt and with bad credit.
  • You find your 20 something neighbor dead in her bed.
  • Trying to trust God and others knowing you have been abused.
  • Being harassed by police for “looking suspicious” while walking down the street.
  • Moving from place to place as a child because your mother can’t keep a job or pay rent.
  • Your 12 year old brother is shot and killed while riding his bike.
  • Your mother is fighting for her life with cancer.
  • Trying to follow Christ knowing your mother has AIDS and your brother is in and out of jail.

The Christian life was not promised to be easy. Sometimes life can seem unbearable. On our own we want to quit. We may even question God.

But He is in control. He knows best. We must learn to trust him. I have learned that from the Christians around me. I am inspired by their faith and their perseverance. It is a testimony to their belief in a sovereign God.

Do you have trouble believing that God is in control?
Are their situations for you that cause you to question God or his judgment?


Aaron said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am back in the blogging world. Come holla at me when you get a chance! Same address!

Scotty Ruth said...

Nice Blog Kevin!

KG said...

Glad to have you back around Aaron.

Scott, thanks for the word of encouragement.