Saturday, September 13, 2008

What is justice?

There is a lot of talk in Christian circles now a days about justice. But justice is rarely defined.

So how would you define justice?


David Rudd said...

Justice Remixed

it takes a while to get to the meat... but it's what i think.

Sarah said...

Dr Cornell West said that justice is what love looks like in public.
I loved that and never forgot it.
It makes everything simple.

KG said...

Thanks, I took a chance to listen through your sermon. I thought it was an excellent challenge.

KG said...

I think that the definition that Dr. West offers gives us some idea of where to start. It makes it easier than just talking about it. Thanks.

KG said...

I guess the questions that I still wonder are:

When we talk about justice, are we always referring to "social justice"? Are we talking about how to be just people?

What about justice as it relates to God? Is that different? Doesn't God's justice demand payment for sin? Doesn't the justice of God lead to his wrath?

I am wondering if God's justice with us is the same as our justice towards others.

It seems that people always talk about justice in the sense that we need to love our neighbor better. But isn't justice also that God sends people to an eternity in hell?

Just asking.

Sarah said...

social justice is such a buzz word lately. Its up there with words that sometimes make me uncomfortable due to its overuse in certain circles like emerging, relevant, .....

I agree that justice lived out is more than governmental or solely reserved for large groups of people. But what does justice look like in a relationship, friendship, marriage? I am not sure. Is eye for an eye justice? Sometimes isnt justice subverted because of the presence of grace and love?

As you pointed out, God's justice is held off by the cross and jesus's death, if we choose to cling to it. How do we live that out in our relationships with each other?
Another question plaguing me CONSTANTLY in my relationships is this: What is someone does not ask for forgiveness? Or say they are sorry? True Justice would be different than loving and forgiving regardless.

So doesnt justice lose its meaning and power when confronted with our Christian obligation to forgive 70 times 7 and love our brothers and sisters?