Friday, September 26, 2008

Questions about church

Last night, I spent some time meeting with some church leaders here in Chicago. The focus was about churches being a place that focuses first and foremost on making disciples. Some interesting questions were posed. Here are a few:
  • Where in the Bible do you find the idea of a "senior pastor"?
  • Does the Bible teach that people need to be "ordained"?
  • Why do we transliterate the Greek word and make the office of deacon rather than just translate and get the natural translation of servant?
  • Why do we assume that most of the churches financial resources should be spent on facilities and salaries?
  • How do we best reach the unchurched and not just steal sheep from other churches?

These are just a sampling. It seems that so much of how we practice church is based on traditions. Some of those traditions can actually distract us from our ultimate goal of making disciples who make disciples. I think that it is good to question how we now do church and make sure that it is best geared at our goal.

Any responses to some of the questions?

Any other questions that are good to ask in evaluating church as we know it?

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