Monday, September 8, 2008

Multicultural Ministry

For anyone involved in a multicultural church or who would like to see their church be more multicultural, I would recommend David Anderson's book Multicultural Ministry. As someone who has spent over ten years in multicultural ministry, I found Dr. Anderson's book to be quite helpful and encouraging. He is an engaging author and also a veteran practitioner.

I personally believe that more of the church should be intentionally seeking to be multicultural and this book can give churches some helpful insight into how to move in that direction.

Has anyone else read this book? Any other suggestions of good resources for multicultural ministry?


Aaron said...

I am going to pick it up for sure. Tell me what was the most helpful/interesting portion of the book? Just want to know before I buy it. By all means tell me all you want to tell me though... the more the better... it doesnt have to be just the most helpful/interesting. :)

KG said...

Nothing earth shattering, but the book helped me to think through and evaluate what we have been doing as a church.
One of the sections that was helpful to me right now, was the section on leading small group dialogue on racial reconciliation. This is important to do, but not always easy because you risk offending people when you lead these type of discussions.

I also liked the books theme as a whole. The subtitle is finding your churches unique rhythm and he used the metaphor of music/dancing throughout the book to communicate his themes.

Another book that I read a while back is George Yancy's book "United by Faith". This book was also specifically about multicultural churches.