Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back to school

I am taking the big step of returning to school. I have applied and been accepted into a graduate program at Wheaton College. The program is Christian formation and ministry. I also have been awarded a full tuition scholarship through the Billy Graham Center for my involvement in Urban Ministry.

I am both excited and hesitant about this opportunity. I love to learn and look forward to the chance to be back in a classroom in the academic setting. I also am very grateful for the blessing from God of the scholarship that I have received. But I know that I already have a lot on my plate and wonder how this will fit in with all that. My prayer is that God will give me balance with being a husband, father, elder/pastor, coordinating PURSUE, and student.

I hope that this program will not just benefit me personally, but also my church and community.

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Kindra said...

That's great, Kevin! Praise God! Now, do you get to receive care packages from the church as a student? :)