Thursday, October 23, 2008

A challenge to keep Christ central

Coach Wayne Gordon spoke this morning at the conference. He started out as his usually energetic self, but then became very serious and said that he wanted to share what was heavy on his heart about CCDA. He said that he wanted to warn us as an association about some things that could become detrimental to the work. There were three things that he talked about:
• Charisma without character is catastrophic.
• Bigger is not necessarily better.
• Success without spiritual depth is superficial.

The first one was a reminder that just having good leadership and energy is not enough. The character of the individual is vitally more important than anything else.

The second one was a warning about not believing that because something is big it is the best way. The opposite of that is that just because something is small does not mean that God is not at work and doing amazing things.

The last one was a key. He challenged us personally to be people of great spiritual depth. To not be doers, doers, doers who were not really close to God personally. This is such an important warning for the busy urban minister who has a million “urgent” needs always in front of them. It was a reminder to not build “kingdoms” or “ministries” that look for successful, but lack real spiritual depth. He challenged everyone to spend at least sixty minutes every day alone with God. He talked about spending at least five minutes of that in silence. I know that I struggle to take this time alone with God.

We were warned not to put Christ on the “margins of the page”, but to put him at the top of the page. It was a clear reminder that all that we do should be centered around Christ. We were reminded that we should not spend all of our time talking about our programs and never talk about the significance of Christ in what we are doing.

I appreciated the emphasis that he gave today and hope that all who were present have ears to hear.

Have you seen charisma take people far while they obviously lacked character?

Do you find yourself believing the lie that bigger is better?

Is God using you to be “successful” in serving Him, but without a real spiritual depth to that work?

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Aaron said...

Man this post really hit home with me. I pray that I will be a man of character when I am not in the pulpit. I pray that I will be a good husband when I am not at the church potluck. I pray that I will be a good father when I am not at the local YMCA. I pray that I will be a good friend to those who are far away and unable to confront me face to face.

This post has caused me to ask a familiar that I often ask myself...

"Who am I when no one else is around?"

thank you so much for this bro!

God bless you in Miami!