Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Questions for Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren continues to write books and speak on his ideas about post modern theology and ideology. A recent Christianity Today article by Scot McKnight shares positively about McLaren, but then asks some questions in three areas.


McKnight ask what is the problem with having some answers. What is the problem with clarity?

McKnight takes issue with McLaren's reducing the act and message of the cross to a protest against violence.

McKnight questions why McLaren emphasizes the kingdom of God without ever talking about the church as the agent God uses to initiate the kingdom.

I found the article quite fair and reasonable. These are questions that demand answers. McLaren cannot simply rewrite the message of the cross and expect that everyone is just supposed to fall in line or have no questions. I pray that McLaren would answer these "questions from a friend" and return to a sound doctrine and the whole message of the gospel.

Have you read McKnight's article?

Do you think that the questions that he is asking need to be answered or are they unimportant?

How should the church of today respond to McLaren and his writings and teaching?

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Aaron said...

thanks for the post man. I am finding myself more and more crushed by this man's theology and like you I long for an "awakening" in his soul.

I am reall becoming a softy because every time i read about Mclaren and his theology i literally well up with tears and begin to pray. I just think of these folks who are mezmorized by his message and how young suburban folks are flocking to his speaking engagements.

I think my daughter being born has made me a real softy... :)

I pray that the God of all Grace would have mercy on this man and either bring him back to the truth or maybe introduce him to the truth for the first time. I personally don't know where Brian stands with God but I do know that this gospel he is preaching is no gospel at all and there are strict warnings in the bible about those who preach a different gospel.

Lord have mercy... PLEASE!