Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sometimes we can make our children's sports more of a priority than they should be.

"If I teach my son to keep his eye on the ball, but fail to teach him to keep his eyes on Christ, then I have failed him as a father."
Voddie Baucham


Anonymous said...

Great quote. Have you read Family Driven Faith?

Aaron said...

Amen! I thought that when my sons were born that I would really struggle with this idea of excelling in sports. I did pretty well growing up and often found that my whole identity was in how good of a running back I was or how good my jump shot was.

But you know thankfully I haven't even went there with my sons. I actually could care less about whether or not they play sports.

My oldest son (who is my "mini-me")is very drawn to sports and is pretty gifted athletcially but my youngest could care less about sports and I love it. He would much rather build something or do hard puzzles! I love it!

Anyway thank the Lord of Grace that this hasn't creeped in and I hope it never will.

Fixing our eyes on the prize!

KG said...

Yes, I am reading it right now and that is where this quote came from. I would definately recommend the book.

KG said...

I am like you. I played sports all year round growing up and all through high school. I loved it. I spent the rest of my time watching games on TV or watching Sportcenter.
I wanted a son. But I have made it a point to make sure that I take more interest in training him as a person than in training him in a sport. Although I still enjoy sports, I spend little time watching or involved in them any more. Eternal things are just way more valuable.
I could care less if my sons are ever good at a sport. I care much more that they pursue godliness.

Aaron said...

Amen! Hey by the way my homie Dave said he kicked it with you the other day! I am jealous man! I hope that some day we cross paths. I consider you a friend man even though we have never met.

KG said...

Likewise brother. I sense a kindred spirit. We will connect some day in person.
You aren't going to be in Miami for CCDA by any chance are you?