Wednesday, October 8, 2008

God speaks


Aaron said...

Wow! Where is this sign located and what is the story behind it?

That is the best thing I have EVER seen!!!!!!!

Do tell homie!

KG said...

I must admit that I have no idea.

I "stole it" from a friend of mine on the internet.

I had never seen it before today, but I felt that it brought a point worthy of significant reflection for all of us.

Aaron said...

Man have i went off on several tantrums concerning the "eurocentric" god (small g for a reason) of the west.

I don't even know where to begin. I think I will say something positive.

I think there is a shift taking place concerning the west view of God. And I really think it is a direct result of post modernism. Post modernism tends to be very exploratory and diverse.

With this being the case I think the church is beginning to see God in different contextx and are realizing His vastness. Not that His vastness is ever compromising... Just needed to say that because some might think I am talking about "pluralism." No way!God reveals Himself in different ways but it never compromises His truth in Scripture. Anyway...

People are traveling more and seeing the church in Africa explode and seeing the Latin American church explode. The west is no longer the face of evangelicalism. This causes people to question the "white" Jesus that they are accustomed to that is American and is more concerned about "stewardship" than "sacrifice."

So yes I am not a enemy to post modernism (all though it has its issues). I actually think that God is doing a lot in these post modern times especially in the area of expanding peoples minds about how BIG He is and that HE is the God of the "nations."

Ok I am really just rambling.

You feel me KG?