Friday, April 4, 2008

40 years

Today marks 40 years since the tragic murder of Dr. Martin Luther King.

How are we doing at achieving Dr. King's dream? What type of things would Dr. King be saying to us today if he were alive? Are there things that he would be encouraged by? What are some things today that would be discouraging to him? Sound off.


Sarah said...

I think the disrepair of Madison St. and and other parts of West Garfield Park where the rioting occured following his death would he saddening to MLK. I think the housing projects and the housing situation in Chicago would be disparaging to him to see also. I think the hold that drugs has taken in the African American communities and the violence that ensues as a result of the gang wars would sadden him, as it does us on a daily basis here in Chicago-the city that MLK claimed "mississippi should come here to learn to hate." He would not be surprised at the incarceration rate of black males in Cook county nor at the reactions to Barack's candidacy and daily attacks upon him.

The attempt of churches like yours and Armitage and many others to build bridges and work to reconciliate racial relations would give MLK great joy. The possibility that a black man may indeed rise to the highest office in the land would be a feeling of victory and acheivement for countless reasons and would indoubtedly make MLK dance in his shiny shoes.

I think MLK would address Blacks, particularly young black males, to rise up and lead the next peaceful revolution. It's about that time.

KG said...

Thank you for your thoughts Sarah. It is interesting to try to think of what Dr. King would think of us today.
Sometimes, I wonder if a lot of the things that he has already said that are recorded, maybe we just need to pay attention to again today. A lot of the things that he said are still very relevant to us today.