Thursday, April 24, 2008

What if...

  • the church consistently acted like the church?
  • the universal church agreed on doctrine?
  • the church promoted a culture of peace in our world?
  • churches easily worked with other churches?
  • people learned to trust each other?
  • people thought about others so much that they never felt neglected?
  • Christians didn't love the things of the world?
  • God's people consistly cared about the orphan, the alien, and the widow?
  • adults looked to children to learn child-like faith?
  • men consistently lived like the men God expects them to be?
  • the church truly gave sacrificially and cheerfully?
  • the American church realized it could learn a lot from the church in third world countries?
  • Jesus came in the flesh to your church meeting?
  • God's people prayed as if they believed that God was at work?

What if?

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