Friday, April 18, 2008

Discipleship - doing life together

When I think of discipleship, I am talking about teaching people how to follow God in everyday life and everyday circumstances. A big principal for me in discipling people is spending time with them. I think that this works best in every day life. Not that meetings or Bible studies are bad, but often the best learning takes place in everyday life.

Some places that I have been involved in discipling people:

  • In the car
  • At a restaurant
  • At a Bulls game (other sports events as well)
  • At the laundrymat
  • Walking in the neighborhood
  • Visiting someones house
  • In the hospital
  • At camp
  • At my kitchen table (around the counter, on the couch, in the backyard, etc.)
  • At a conference (usually in the hall, hotel room, or walking outside)
  • On a rode trip
  • On a missions trip
  • Visiting my family (taking people along)
  • Backyard BBQ
  • At a wedding
  • After a big argument
  • At a funeral
  • Breakfast before work or school

The list is endless, but this gives you a sampling.

What are places or situations where you have been involved in discipleship? Add to my list. Tell me what works for you.

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