Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is he serious?

I heard today about a response given by Pat Buchanan to Barack Obama's speech on race. You can find it here :

In the article, conservative Pat Buchanan makes many outrageous statements beginning with this:
America has been the best country on earth for black

You'll have to read the article to follow his line of reasoning. It is quite disturbing. And Buchanan would call himself a Christian.

You'll find it interesting to note that Buchanan makes no mention of slavery, lynchings, beatings, rapes, Jim Crow laws, or any of the crimes against black Americans that are a part of our history and our present.

It makes me wonder if Mr. Buchanan has ever had the privilege of knowing people who are not like him. Or maybe that is the problem. Maybe that is the reason he has such extreme views.

Why is it so often conservatives who say such heartless things? Is there anyone who could help us better understand where Pat is coming from? Does anyone feel that this type of dialogue is helpful for dealing with racial attitudes?

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thowald said...

I don't have much time to comment now but my first thought is How divisive this rant is. Wow!
Is it any wonder that conservatives are seen as a people lacking compassion. I think it is fair to say hejust doesn't get it and that is why we need to have true discussions concerning race.

How sad.