Friday, April 18, 2008

Daddy Day

For the last four months, my wife has been student teaching to finish her undergrad in elementary ed. For those months, Friday has been declared "daddy day" for my three year old Matthew.
Today that meant he had to sit through a meeting that I needed to be at on the south side of Chicago. He fell asleep on the ride back home. Since he had endured the meeting, I decided to let him run around the park for a while before we went home.
I can honestly say that I have gotten a lot less done on Fridays for the last several months as it relates to work and ministry, but the time has not been wasted. I consider it a great privilege and responsibility to be a father. I am thankful that life has dictated to me to take this time with him.
It is a tragedy to me, that some are so involved in serving others and building the kingdom of God that they have totally skipped their responsibility at home. I love my wife and kids and don't want the years to pass without valuing the time with them.
Lisa finishes student teaching next week and Friday will change back to another day with mom, but I will continue to invest my time in the ones I love so dearly.
Anyone else want to share how they balance family, work, and ministry?


Ryan said...

I created a stop-doing list about 5 or 6 years ago. I realized I said yes too much and was doing more than I could handle. In my mind, it was all good, because it was all churchy stuff that I was doing. And, I really was doing good stuff for God, but my family was growing up without me and I was missing it. Life is still hectic even now, but I think I manage family, church, service, and work a little better now.

KG said...

Yes, I was blessed to have my first boss (Dave Woodier) talk to me right before getting married about not letting ministry become more important than family. I have tried to follow that principle since and keep a good balance.